You can search a pose by various categories.


Search by "standing" "twist" etc. You can also use "AND", such as "standing " AND "one foot off the floor".

You can search from more than twenty types of pose.

Standing position, Seated position, Forward bend, Backbend, Inversion, Side bend, Balancing, Arm balances, Both hands on the floor, Elbows on the floor, One hand(arm) on the floor, Twist, External rotation of hip joint, Stomach or chest on the floor, Chest facing the ceiling, Both legs off the floor, One leg off the floor, Knees on the floor, Legs apart, Cross-legged, Grabbing the leg with hand, Palms together, Grasp the hand, Top of the head on the floor, Asymmetry, Restorative


Yoga provides many benefits when you practice correctly, on the other hand, if you practice incorrectly, it is possible that it makes your physical condition worse. YogaShare does not warrant any kind of injuries, damages while(before/after) practicing yoga using this application. Always practice under the direction of a qualified leader.

You can search from "effect / efficacy" of 30 or more (see below).

To calm down, To ease your mind, Relief stress, To improve your concentration, Insomnia relief, Eyestrain relief, Fatigue relief, Improve circulation, Boost your energy, Improve respiratory function, Improve lung function, Control high blood pressure, Relief headache, Improve internal organ function, Relief indigestion pain, Relief constipation, Relief menstrual problems, For correcting posture, Relief for neck pain, For flexibility of shoulders, Relief for stiff neck, Relief for back pain, Strengthen the neck, Shape your waist, Stregthen lower back, Relief for lower back pain, Relief for pain in hip joint, For flexibility of hip joint, Hip opening, Sciatic pain relief, For flexibility of ankles, Strengthen the core, Strengthen the leg


You can search an asana by five-level scale of difficulty.


You can search an asana by five-level scale of flexibility.

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