This is an app created by yoga teachers to meet the wants and needs of all yogis.

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled platform for yoga teachers and students all around the world.

YogaShare began its activity in September of 2016. Since then we’ve been providing practitioners across the globe with the most useful and effective ways to interface their asana practice with the convenience of modern technology.
With functions such as “Accessible Asana Library”, “Sequence Writing Function” , “Downloadable Content” and “Yoga share Community”, both teachers and students can deepen their understanding of what yoga practice really has to offer.
There’s also an interactive function on the app called “Yogashare Friends”, where asana photos are displayed modeled by teachers worldwide.
This is accompanied by picture shooting sessions for yoga teachers in various locations.
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6 Reasons Why YogaShare is the No.1 Yoga App

You can see pose description by holding down the image of asana with our "Quickview" function.
"Check" function allows you to bookmark asanas.
Keyword search can cover variations of asana names, such as "warrior", "virabhadra" and "hero".


Search asanas by type, benefit, difficulty and flexibility.
You can find asanas by descriptions of body parts, such as "one hand on the floor".


Some asanas have several names.For example, "lunge" also has names such as "equestrian pose" or "ashva sancharanasana".
You can learn variations of asana names and similar postures in YogaShare search.


You can pick up asanas and sequence a class in YogaShare class planning function.
You can play your class image with voice control function.
You can also insert your original pose and note in your class plan, even can share with YogaShare users.


You can download various yoga contents, such as class movies by experienced teachers.
You can download a class plan and customize it for you.


You can post your questions in community chat.
YogaShare is a community space for those who want to learn about yoga and who want to share yoga.





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This is an app created by yoga teachers to meet the wants and needs of all yogis.